Fiber Optic Communication Single Fiber 3fe+1ge Gepon CATV ONU

1.Summary    HSOS11076/W/G/P Series FTTH Terminal is made up of Optical Network Unit(ONU) & CATV Optical Receiver, Its ONU Module Structure has been awarded the National Patent of China.    This device adopts High Performance ONU Chip and Low Power O

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    HSOS11076/W/G/P Series FTTH Terminal is made up of Optical Network Unit(ONU) & CATV Optical Receiver, Its ONU Module Structure has been awarded the National Patent of China.
    This device adopts High Performance ONU Chip and Low Power Optical Reception Technology, which can meet the demand of FTTH projects. Plug-In Optical Network Module Unit has 4 100Mbps/1000Mbps, Network Port with WIFI function or not. CATV Ultra Low Optical Receiver (-15 to -5dBm) has 1 RF port with Constant Output 76dBuv. 
    There are also few ONU Working Condition Indicators on the panel, CATV Optical Receiving Indicator & RF Output Level Indicator; Once ONU Module is plugged in, Optical Receiver Information is synthesized on ONU, together with ONU unified network management, also it can be Independent Network Management through network(support WEB and SNMP), easy to use and reliable.
    The numbers behind Model HSOS "2" means Double Fiber Access, "1" means Single Fiber Access, then the next "1" means CATV 1000MHz Bandwidth, then the next "0" means EPON ONU Configuration Module, "2" means GPON ONU Configuration Module, then the next "76" means Optical Receiver Output Level, next "W" means with WIFI Function, "V" means with VOIP Function, "G" means with 1000Mbps Network Port, the last number "P" means General PVC Surface-Mount.

Model No."HSOS11076/W/G/P" Series

√ WDM CATV Host+ONU Modular Structure, National Patent of China, Certificate No.: ZL201510926344X;
√ Whole Device's Performance passed EMC and Safety Detection and obtain National Mandatory Product of China(2015011608758829);
√ ONU support EPON, 10G EPON or GPON, Compatibility with Mainstream OLT Firms;
√ ONU has 4 FEorGE,1GE+3FE, with WIFI Functions;
√ CATV adopts Ultra Low(-15dBm) Optical Receiving Technology, Gallium Arsenide Magnification, Optical Control AGC76 Constant Output. 

3.Technical Specifications

Optical Characteristics
CATV Working Wavelengthnm1540~1565
ONU Working Wavelengthnm1310/1490
Channel Isolation(1490/1550)dB≥40
CATV ResponsivityA/W≥0.9
CATV Optical Power RangedBm-5~-18
CATV Optical Reflection LossdB≥50
ONU Optical Receiving SensitivitydBm≥-26.5(EPON,10GEPON) / ≥-28(GPON)
ONU Optical Transmitter PowerdBm-1~+4(EPON,10GEPON) / 0~+6(GPON)
Optical Adapter/TV or IN:SC/APC,PON:SC/UPC
RF CharacteristicsBroadband/UnevennessMHz/dB47~1000/≤ ±1
Output LeveldBuv76 (-5~-15dBm/±1, RF Analog Level, Digital Level-8dB)
Output Level AdjustmentdB"N"Series(only): 0~10(Press 1-Time-2dB, Press 2-Times-4dB, Press 3-Times+6dB, Press 4-Times+4dB, Press 5-Times+2dB, Press 6-Times Return to 0dB), Supporting Remote Network Management Adjustment
Return LossdB≥16(Characteristic Impedance 75Ω)
RF Output Port Metric or Imperial(1-Route Output)
CNR/MERdB≥44/34(-9dBm Receiving, PAL-D 60CH, OMI3.8%)
CTB/CSO/HUMdB≥65/≥60/≥60(-9dBm Receiving, Nominal Output)
PortsUser Ethernet PortsPcs4FE, Module Suffix with"G" 4GE, Suffix with "G1" 1GE+3FE
WIFI/Module Suffix with"W"Means with WIFI Function
OthersPower Supply/ConsumptionV/WExternal AV155~255V→DC12/5
Working/Storage TemperatureºC-35~50/ -40~75(Humidity 8~80%)
Model Specification&Function Checking List


5.Manufacturing Process

6.About Hunashun Network

    Zhejiang Huanshun Network Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in early 1988, We're located in the birthplace of seven thousand years ancient culture - "Yuyao,Ningbo" which has the reputation of "China Plastic Kingdom Mold Hometown". The registered capital of the company is 8 million dollar, and the employee is 100.
    Since the establishment of the company in the past 30 years, our company has been working on R&D and production of photoelectric transmission equipment, mainly are: Optical Transmitter, Optical Receiver and Optical Amplifier. With the transformation of CATV network digitalization, two-way transformation and the construction of the next generation of CATV network, the main products of our company are upgrading and upgrading continuously.
    The latest generation of our FTTH products are High Power Multiple Outputs (8-64Ways) Optical Amplifier,
 FWDM & WDM Modular Optical Amplifier, 1550nm Receiving-Type Ultra Low Power Optical Receiver, FTTH ONU (WIFI)+CATV Receiving Double-Fibers/Single-Fiber(WDM) Optical Terminal, FTTH ONU or WIFI E/GPON Optical Terminal, EPON OLT+EYDFA Outdoor Passive Optical Network Integrated Terminal Device.
    The company has been adhering to the Core Values of "Thanksgiving, Innovation, Pragmatism and Win-Win", and is committed to become a Outstanding Comprehensive Provider of Cable Network Integrated Services, Aiming at building the First Brand of CATV Access Network Application Service. In the near future, we'll move forward to "Smart Community, Smart Pension, Smart Medical Care" area, to bulid the Cable Network Based Smart Community Service System. 

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