2021 New Listing 1ge + 1fe + CATV + WiFi Fiber Epon Gpon ONU Fiber Modem

1GE+1FE+CATV+WIFI FTTH GPON/EPON ONU Product Description1. OverviewONT-2GF-RFW is designed as HGU (Home Gateway Unit) in deferent FTTH solutions by HDV, The carrier-class FTTH application provides data service access.ONT-2GF-RFW is based on mature and stable, cost-effective XPON technology. It can switch automatic

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Product Description

1. Overview

  1. ONT-2GF-RFW is designed as HGU (Home Gateway Unit) in deferent FTTH solutions by HDV, The carrier-class FTTH application provides data service access.
  2. ONT-2GF-RFW is based on mature and stable, cost-effective XPON technology. It can switch automatically with EPON and GPON when it accesses the EPON OLT or GPON OLT.
  3. ONT-2GF-RFW adopts high reliability, easy management, configuration flexibility and good quality of service (QoS) guarantees to meet the technical performance of the module of China Telecom EPON CTC3.0 and GPON Standard of ITU-TG.984.X
  4. ONT-2GF-RFW is designed by Realtek chipset 9603C

2. Functional Feature
  1. Support EPON/GPON mode and switch-mode automatically
  2. Support ONU auto-discovery/Link detection/remote upgrade of software
  3. WAN connections support Route and Bridge mode
  4. Route mode supports PPPoE/DHCP/ static IP
  5. Support WIFI Interface and multiple SSID
  6. Support POTS interface for VOIP Service
  7. Support CATV interface for Video Service and control by OLT
  8. Support QoS and DBA
  9. Support port Isolation and port VLAN configuration
  10. Support  Firewall function and IGMP Snooping/Proxy multicast feature
  11. Support  LAN IP and DHCP Server configuration
  12. Support Port Forwarding and Loop-Detect
  13. Support TR069 remote configuration and maintenance
  14. Specialized design for system breakdown prevention to  maintain a stable system
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2021 New Listing 1ge + 1fe + CATV + WiFi Fiber Optic Epon Gpon ONU Fiber Modem

Product Parameters


Technical itemDetails
PON Interface1 G/EPON port(EPON PX20+ and GPON Class B+)
Receiving sensitivity: ≤-27dBm
Transmitting optical power: 0~+4dBm
Transmission distance: 20KM
WavelengthTX: 1310nm, RX: 1490nm
Optical InterfaceSC/APC Connector
POTS interface1 FXS, RJ11 connector
Support: G.711/G.723/G.726/G.729 codec
Support: T.30/T.38/G.711 Fax mode, DTMF Relay
Line testing according to GR-909
LAN Interface1 x 10/100/1000Mbps and 1 x 10/100Mbps auto-adaptive Ethernet interfaces. Full/Half, RJ45 connector
CATV InterfaceRF, WDM, optical power: +2~-18dBm
Optical reflection loss: ≥45dB
Optical receiving wavelength: 1550±10nm
RF frequency range: 47~1000MHz,  RF output impedance: 75Ω
RF output level: 78dBuV
AGC range: 0~-15dBm
MER: ≥32dB@-15dBm
WirelessCompliant with IEEE802.11b/g/n,
Operating frequency: 2.400-2.4835GHz
support MIMO, rate up to 300Mbps,
2T2R,2 external antenna 5dBi,
Support: Multiple SSID
Channel: Auto
Modulation type: DSSS, CCK, and OFDM
Encoding scheme: BPSK, QPSK, 16QAM, and 64QAM
LED10 LED, For Status of WIFI,WPS,PWR,LOS,PON,LAN1~LAN2,FXS, Worn, Normal(CATV)
Push-Button3, For Function of Reset, WLAN, WPS
Operating ConditionTemperature: 0ºC~+50ºC
Humidity: 10%~90%(non-condensing)
Storing ConditionTemperature: -30ºC~+60ºC
Humidity: 10%~90%(non-condensing)
Power SupplyDC 12V/1A
Power Consumption≤6W
Net Weight0.24Kg

4. Panel lights Introduction
Pilot LampStatusDescription
WIFIOnThe WIFI interface is up.
BlinkThe WIFI interface is sending or/and receiving data (ACT).
OffThe WIFI interface is down.
WPSBlinkThe WIFI interface is securely establishing a connection.
OffThe WIFI interface does not establish a secure connection.
PWROnThe device is powered up.
OffThe device is powered down.
LOSBlinkThe device does not receive optical signals.
OffThe device has received an optical signal.
PONOnThe device has registered to the PON system.
BlinkThe device is registering the PON system.
OffThe device registration is incorrect.
LAN1~LAN2OnPort (LANx) is connected properly (LINK).
BlinkPort (LANx) is sending or/and receiving data (ACT).
OffPort (LANx) connection exception or not connected.
FXSOnThe phone has registered to the SIP Server.
BlinkThe phone has registered and data transmission (ACT).
OffPhone registration is incorrect.
OnInput optical power is higher than 3dbm or lower than -13dbm
OffInput optical power is between -13dbm and 3dbm
OnInput optical power is between -13dbm and 3dbm
OffInput optical power is higher than 3dbm or lower than -13dbm

5. Application
  1. Typical Solution:FTTO(Office), FTTB(Building),FTTH(Home)
  2. Typical Business:INTERNET,IPTV,IP Camera ,WIFI ,VOIP,CATV etc

6. Ordering information
Product NameProduct ModelDescriptions
SFF Type XPON ONU1G1F+WIFI+CATV1x10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet, 1 x 10/100Mbps Ethernet, 1 SC/APC Connector, 1 FXS Connector Optional,  2.4GHz WIFI,1 RF Plastic Casing, External power supply adapter
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2021 New Listing 1ge + 1fe + CATV + WiFi Fiber Optic Epon Gpon ONU Fiber Modem

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2021 New Listing 1ge + 1fe + CATV + WiFi Fiber Optic Epon Gpon ONU Fiber Modem


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