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2022-09-16 18:44:31 By : Ms. Irelia Sun

If you remember, Huawei recently introduced new products in many portfolios and announced the X Pro model, which will satisfy those who expect high-end performance in the laptop family.In the new model, which has made significant changes compared to last year's X Pro model, there are changes in both the configuration items and the outer surface.As always, we will tell you about all of them.So let's open the word with design.Huawei's MateBook X Pro family consists of models with high-end, powerful features and presenting this with an aesthetic design.Considering these criteria, Huawei has made significant changes in the design compared to the predecessor model.The MateBook X Pro (2022) is much thinner and more built than its predecessor.While the old model weighed 1.33 kilograms, the weight of the new model was reduced to 1.26 kilograms.Compared to this, the screen has grown.The older model had a 13.9-inch display;In the new model, the screen has been moved to 14.2 inches.Thus, more screen-to-body ratio was achieved.Other innovations related to the screen have also been made, and we will talk about them in the screen step.MateBook X Pro (2022) has 2 different colors.One of them is Space Gray, while the other is Ink Blue.The exterior of the new MateBook consists of a magnesium alloy body.While creating the design of the laptop, which draws a clean, smooth body image when you look at it, Huawei experts used a skin-friendly material in the laptop to prevent users from having any allergic reactions.When we look at the inner surface of the MateBook X Pro, we see that there is a large keyboard for a comfortable typing experience, and just below the touchpad, which attracts attention with its size.Huawei called this touchpad Free Touch.Because this area is different from other touchpads not only with its size, but also with the features it offers.In this area, you can provide different controls with 8 simple movements.You can take a full-page screenshot by double-clicking with the knuckle of your finger, and you can start and stop the screen recording when you double-click with a double joint.You can minimize the window by tapping the top left corner, and close the window and browser tab by tapping the top right corner.In addition, you can also provide multimedia controls such as brightness and volume by swiping on the left and right edges in this area.These are really useful apps.Meanwhile, the power button on the inside also works as a fingerprint sensor.So you can log in using your fingerprint.An alternative method for security is face recognition.You can identify your face via the camera just above the screen and thus ensure your data security.Face recognition and image transfer are not the only capabilities of the camera here;Let's say it too.It offers 3 camera modes.It automatically tracks your eyes in real time and performs gaze correction.Thus, even if you are looking at the screen while you are on a video call, it uses artificial intelligence algorithm to reflect it to the other party as if you are looking at the camera.In addition, with the follow mode, you can adjust your position according to the middle of the video and allow you to create a virtual background.Some changes have also been made in the connection channels of the MateBook X Pro, which is designed to be extremely thin as usual in accordance with the family's genes.The new model has 2 Thunderbolt 4 connections and 2 USB-C ports.Especially with dual Thunderbolt 4 ports, you can provide 40 Gbps bi-directional bandwidth.These ports, where you can connect many devices, are perfect for those who want to use high-resolution multi-screen displays.In this way, you can connect dual 4K monitors to this laptop, or if you have an 8K resolution monitor, you can also transfer images to it.It is also possible to provide similar high performance wirelessly at the port.The new model has Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.2 support.Thus, in wireless internet connection, if you have a modem or router with Wi-Fi 6 support at hand, it is quite possible to see high-level speeds.Before going into the screen details of the new MateBook X Pro, let's say that the laptop is equipped with 6 speakers and 4 microphones with Huawei Sound support.Thus, we believe that you will be very happy with the sound.In addition, if you are making video calls frequently, you will ensure a clean communication thanks to the 4 microphones with AI noise canceling technology.AI Sound, which is used in microphones, uses artificial intelligence noise algorithm to minimize environmental noise, reduce echo, and thus create a cleaner communication opportunity.Now let's come to the screen of the new MateBook X Pro.As we said, Huawei has prepared a larger screen in this model.The MateBook's screen is 14.2 inches.Thus, the screen-to-body ratio was also increased and moved to the level of 92.5 percent.In other words, a larger screen was fitted in a smaller area.This is not the only difference;The screen resolution has also been increased and the screen refresh rate has been increased to 90 Hz.The screen of the predecessor model was refreshing at 60 Hz, in this model the screen can go up to 90 Hz.Thus, you can get a smoother viewing experience on the screen.The resolution has also been moved to 3.1K, that is, 3120x2080 pixels.So to sum up, the new MateBook X Pro is a much better model in terms of size, resolution and imaging speed.Other technical details of the screen include impressive values ​​such as 1500:1 contrast ratio, 500 nits brightness, 1.07 billion color reproduction and 264 ppi pixel density, while the screen also supports P3 color gamut.Of course, let's also say that it has the TÜV Rheinland Eye Comfort 3.0 certificate.Thus, the blue light is reduced and your eyes are less tired during the time you spend in front of the screen compared to the screens that do not have this certificate.This is a very important issue that increases the working performance and your comfort while in front of the screen.In addition to all these, the anti-reflective coating used on the screen, Nature Tone and Smart Brightness technologies that automatically adjust the color temperature and screen brightness according to the ambient conditions also put the MateBook X Pro (2022) among the best screen laptops.The new MateBook X Pro continues the innovations we have described so far on its interior surface.In the new model, there are innovations from the processor to other components, and it can show a performance increase of up to 117 percent compared to the predecessor model.First of all, let's say that this model has 2 different processor options.Both are from Intel's 12th generation EVO processor family.One is the option with a Core i5-1240P processor, while another is the Core i7-1260P.In our model, there is a Core i7-1260P processor and this processor contains 12 physical cores.4 of these cores are performance-oriented, and 8 are efficiency-oriented in the chipset.The total power of the processor is based on the frequency of 4.70 GHz, while at the base point it produces power at a frequency of 3.40 GHz.These values ​​are quite impressive.In other words, you can run applications that will require top performance on this device with peace of mind, without any doubts.It can reduce the time by 34 percent in video rendering processes, and can achieve up to 20 percent higher performance in the code compilation phase.On the other hand, the presence of the Intel EVO platform is already a performance indicator in itself.Intel's EVO platform has important advantages for the laptop.For example, the Wi-Fi 6E and Thunderbolt 4 connections we just mentioned are among them.In addition, the moment you open the lid of this laptop, you can instantly wake up from sleep;you don't need to wait.While capabilities such as long battery life and fast charging come with this processor, it is undoubtedly the Irix Xe graphics unit on the graphics side.Of course, this powerful processor also needs a good cooling unit.Huawei has also used the dual Shark Fin Fan cooling system here.Thanks to the triple air inlets and the double Shark Fin Fan, more air enters the laptop, and faster air outlet is provided in the same way.The RAM capacity used in the new MateBook X Pro is 16 GB.The memory placed in dual channel is working in DDR5 standard and at full 5200 MHz frequency.The RAMs in the predecessor model were working in DDR4 standard and at a frequency of 4266 MHz.Quite significant upgrades in terms of performance.In addition, the laptop has 2 different storage capacity options.In the form of 512 GB and 1 TB SSD.You can determine the model according to your capacity needs.Before closing this part, let's talk about the charging speed.Using Huawei SuperCharge fast charging technology, the laptop can reach a 58% occupancy rate in just 30 minutes with the 90W charger that comes with it.Thus, we think that you will not have to worry about charging this device.In the meantime, let's say that you can use the same charger on Huawei's phone and tablet if you have it.The Huawei MateBook X Pro (2022) isn't just a hardware-powered laptop.The software capabilities are also quite a lot.Huawei offers a wide range of options in this regard, as well as in its smartphones.Chief among these is Multi-Screen Collaboration.The Multi-Screen Collaboration feature, also known as Huawei Multi-Screen Collaboration, is a very useful application that combines Huawei laptops with Huawei smartphones, thus making the use of the laptop different from other models.With this feature, you can move the screen of your phone to the laptop, so you can access all phone functions while working in front of the laptop.Huawei uses the Huawei Share feature and the phone's NFC feature to connect the laptop and phone.As soon as we touch the phone to the MateBook X Pro, the phone and laptop are connected to each other and thus your phone's screen is transferred to the laptop's screen.Thus, the phone is on the screen even when you are at the computer, you can share files between the phone and the computer, and you can manage your phone via the laptop.The Multi-Screen Collaboration feature is not limited to phone and laptop only in this way.If you wish, you can also connect a Huawei tablet to the MateBook X Pro in mirror mode, expansion mode and collaboration mode.If the monitor you are using is Huawei MateView, you can wirelessly connect 2 devices to each other via Huawei Cast+ protocol and provide wireless projection from MateBook X Pro (2022) to the monitor.So the options are quite a lot.In addition, another subject that should be mentioned will be Huawei Mobile Cloud.Huawei Mobile Cloud is a convenient storage solution for a smart user experience developed by Huawei based on the mobile office becoming the new norm and users needing more data clouds.With Huawei Mobile Cloud, which is also in use for PCs, users can securely transfer their files directly to an encrypted cloud storage from the PC, store them there, and access and manage these files whenever and wherever they want.You download it from ( and install it on MateBook D16 and sign in by creating your Huawei ID.You can access the files you transfer here from anywhere at any time, as well as from your other Huawei devices that you log in with the same credentials.Here, the name Super Device reminds itself in a sense.Your files and documents here are instantly synchronized with all the devices you use, so all your devices are always up to date.Yes, when we evaluate it as a result, we can confidently say that the MateBook X Pro (2022) is indeed a fully equipped notebook solution as a total package.It is a model that should definitely be evaluated for those who expect high-level performance, those who are looking for a stylish and mobile notebook option, and those who prefer a solution where they can benefit from all the blessings of the ecosystem in terms of being compatible with Huawei peripheral devices.The price of this model is 44 thousand 999 TL.However, let's say that it is now coming with a big campaign in the Huawei Online Store.Huawei is currently offering this laptop as a bundle.The package includes the MateBook X Pro (2022), Huawei MultiView SE monitor, Huawei MatePad T 10S tablet, Huawei wireless mouse and keyboard kit, and Huawei backpack.If you are thinking of buying, you have a profit of 11 thousand 249 TL.In that sense, it's a good opportunity.+ High-end hardware components + High performance + High resolution display + Very compact design + Wide connectivity support + Fast charging + Multi-Screen Collaboration experienceOperating System Windows 11 Processor Intel Core i7-1260P Core 12 Display 14.2 inch LTPS 90Hz (3120x2080) Memory 16GB LPDDR5 5200MHz SSD 512GB / 1TB SSD Graphics Intel Iris Xe Sound 6 speakers, 4 microphones Huawei Sound Connections Thunderbolt 4 (2 x ), USB-C (2 pcs), 3.5 mm headphone, Wi-Fi 6, BT 5.2 Dimensions 310 x 221 x 15.6 mm Weight 1.26 kg.